Key Findings

SMS can significantly reduce the number of DNAs

The Podiatry Service in Bury has a relatively low number of DNAs due to its older patient demographic, however when they introduced SMS reminders using Synapta, they still saw a 20% reduction in DNAs. This can equate to over £6,000 per month saving for the Trust – from a single service! Other Services across the NHS see up to a 50% DNA rate  on some services. Using Synapta’s SMS reminders could save an average Trust around £200,000 per month.synapta18

SMS Makes significant cost savings for the Trust

1 in 10 appointments are missed with the NHS every year costing in excess of £700 million pounds. The Government estimates that using SMS to remind patients to attend appointments can reduce this figure by between 17 and 65 percent making an annual saving of up to £455 million.

SMS Feedback is extremely efficientsynapta21

With response rates of up to 58% it is clear that patients are happy to complete feedback via SMS survey. The results far exceed the requirements for completion rates of FFT surveys and deliver real-time reporting and actionable insight for Trusts.

Mobile services empower staff to make immediate service improvements

Using Synapta to deliver reminders and gather feedback in a central mobile platform has empowered staff in one service Care Trust, to make changes to their appointments system, increasing them by 50%. They have also been able to present findings to the board in real-time, enabling decision-making and making use of instant, actionable insight.


Mobile services cost significantly less than alternative solutions

Incorporating all costs, such as staff time, as well as platform subscription and messaging costs, mobile survey completion was shown to be less than a quarter of the cost of paper or IVR alternatives. It also has the benefit of reducing in cost over time as larger volumes of survey completion are achieved, which may not be the case with alternative solutions.