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MODZ mHealth Monitoring

MODZ Oy have developed the world's first GSM monitoring meter for Diabetes.

Why eHealth (mHealth) Monitoring

In the UK, 70% of the NHS budget goes on treating long-term conditions. Diabetes alone, costs us over £12bn per year! Align to that associated conditions such as circulation issues and dietary control problems and the real size of the diabetes problem comes home

Treating long-term conditions is no longer left to the clinicians. Educating patients on how to monitor and treat themselves and more imortantly, how to recognise symptoms that can alert us to upcoming problems, and remedies can be put in place to alleviate the condition.

What is the MODZ System?

This system combines a Blood-Glucose meter, with recording of excercise, carbohydrates and insulin, all in an easy to use meter with large colour screen and built-in GSM communications, to send results simultaneously to Cloud Storage, as well as family and carers.

How easy is it to use?

Unlike using a myriad of different sensors, using the MODZ system involves no complicated learning process. Every result is also copied to our Cloud-Based Portal, for storage and to allow sharing, as well as checking some results against smart algorithms.

Blood Glucose Testing

Blood Glucose testing is like using any other meter, only this time, the results are all stored online and available at any time to the system.

When you add multiple results, over time, plus results from lots of different tests, not only does it give you a better picture of your health overall, it informs your clinician better, as well as enabling intervention, if results exceed parameters specified by your specialist.


So, is it expensive?

We are offering this system, complete with support, insurance against loss and breakage, for not much more than the cost of a normal meter. i.e. Even combined with a data package over 2 years, it would cost about the same per month as using a smartphone from major providers wth data access.

How, when and where?

Good4HEALTH are the UK partners for MODZ and will offer the system, along with support options that will include Diet advice, as well as emergency support and all leasing, insurance and other finance options.

It will be available in the UK from late May 2015. It is already CE approved.

Initially it will be through the NHS, but other options may be made available.